Inspiration and Artwork for Bebe Boy Bradshaw's Nursery

April 22, 2014

Pretty much the second the ultrasound tech told us we were expecting a baby boy I was scouring Pinterest for inspiration pics for the nursery. Can I just say that boy nurseries are so much more difficult than girl? Must be because they are just that much more special ;)! I stumbled across this pic and knew right then and there I wanted to go with this kind of vibe for our sweet baby boy's nursery:

I just love the modern take on a traditional nursery, and the color palette of the blues and chartreuse mixed with some neutrals like black, white, and grey I was smitten. And don't even get me started on that mobile.. Uh-mazing! Now that I had an idea of what direction I wanted to go, my next item of business was to pick out some artwork for a gallery wall. Artwork is right up there with picking out the fabric for a space for me, it's so fun and can add loads of personality. Here is a little rough draft of what I am thinking for the gallery wall:

All of the walls in our house are painted Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray (same color as the background behind the pics). I am sort of a purest when it comes to paint in our home. I like having all of the walls throughout the house be the same color. This could of course change in the future if and when we decide to move into something a little bigger as our family grows. As of right now I like the consistency that having all the walls the same color offers. Plus it's a nice neutral! 

*****Long story short, I am not changing the wall color in the nursery.*****

Source List:

1. Grumpy Cat: Society 6
2. SLC Temple: etsy
3. Monsters: Laura Blythman
4. Being a Gentleman: etsy
5. Black Bear: Land of Nod
6. Batman (it would be a sin to my husband if there was no Batman in the nursery!): Pop Factory
7. Frankenstein: Society 6
8. Tiger: Uncovet
9. Monkey: Walnut & Walrus

If you are looking for some help and inspiration with your little ones room, or for yourself check out my services page and I can hook you up! 

Baby Girl Dream Nursery

April 21, 2014

For a school project I had a couple as clients who were expecting their first baby girl. They were beyond thrilled as you can imagine and wanted to create their dream nursery for their new sweet bundle of joy. They love mid century modern design so I wanted to do a nod to that will still keeping the space modern and hip overall. Here is what I came up with:

And also here is a layout of the room, of course there isn't everything on the E-board in the room (google sketchup is super limiting!) but you get the gist.

Source List:
2. Crib Sheet: Land of Nod
3. Elephant Pillow: Joss & Main
5. Origami Crane Mobile: etsy
7. Hello Hunny Doll: Land of Nod
8. Suzette the Fox: BlaBla Dolls
9. Chalkboard Wall Inspiration
11. Te Amo Pillow: etsy
12. Dresser: etsy (no longer available)
13. Scalloped flush mount light: Coleen and Company
14. Tripod Wood Floor Lamp: West Elm
15-18. Artwork: Land of Nod
19. Mint Green Polka Dot Shower Curtain (to be made in to curtains): Cafe Press
20. Wall Color: Benjamin Moore London Fog
21. Acrylic Ledges for bookshelves: Clear Solution Displays

I just love how this project turned out. The eclectic mix of mid century modern pieces mixed with modern/contemporary art and fixtures just makes my heart sing! 
If you are looking for some help and inspiration with your little ones room, or for yourself check out my services page and I can hook you up! 

Getting To Know You Again...Pt. 4 We Finally Caved, And Are All In!!

April 17, 2014

Your eyes are not deceiving you. After 7 years of marriage, we finally caved and are expecting our first, a little boy! We couldn't be more excited, or feel more blessed. It has been a hard journey getting this little guy here, and we can't wait to have a family of our own. What a lucky girl I am to be able to to have two special boys in my life. I am hoping he will be just like his daddy!!

Getting To Know You Again...Pt. 3 Our Place

April 16, 2014

I think I mentioned on here...way back when that we were in the market to buy a house. Can I just say that house hunting is the worst? After seeing house, after house we decided to build our own lil abode. Having your own home was like a dream come true to me. Not having to share walls is heavenly people, I highly recommend it. I remember our first night in our new place I couldn't stop telling Nate how amazed I was at how quiet it was. I love this lil house of ours.

To be able to keep the costs low, we decided to do some of the work ourselves. One was painting our kitchen cabinets white. At the time we were like heck no I am not shelling out $1500 for painted cabinets, thats highway robbery (which you will find most of the upgrades are when building your own home...stinking builders/crooks). Can I just say that I will in no way be recommending you do this, HIRE A PAINTER!! I think we had to do something like 6-7 coats. It was pure hell, but at the same time it didn't cost us anywhere near $1500, take that builders!

As far as the design goes, I still have a long ways to go. Our main level is coming along nicely...however the 2nd level I haven't even started! The style of our house is a hodgepodge of many different types of design. To sum it up I would say it is modern eclectic, dipped in a rainbow with odd tchotchkes sprinkled on top. 
What my main focus for our home, well and any project I work on is that when you walk in to that space I want you to immediately know who the people are that live there. What I hope our space conveys is how we love to have fun, don't take life too seriously, and most of all I hope it conveys the love that we have for one another and our family. Because I sure do love that sweet little husband of mine (extra cheese please)!

Getting To Know You Again...Pt. 2 Graduation

April 15, 2014

Like I mentioned in my last post, I graduated...finally is what it felt like. You are looking at a Interior Design graduate here! Going back to school to further my education was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. I grew and was able to learn so much. From how to create construction documents to color theory I know it all, well the essentials anyways, I ain't no architect! 

This is a board that I created for a client while in school. I had to recreate this board during my last semester, I won't even bother you with my first semester boards...yikes!! It is fun however, to look at how my style, and taste have evolved throughout the semesters. I am proud of the design view I have now, I created it and it's all my own. Having your own sense of style is so empowering, it frees your mind to create endless solutions.

This is my end of school project, from the department's portfolio event. That little 50 page book on that table is one of my biggest accomplishments. You guys I made and wrote a book!! It was so dang hard but I did it! I taught myself how to use Illustrator...the bare bare minimum might I add and even did the graphic design myself, with the help of my dear husband of course. I will be creating some E-boards of these designs so you can see what's going on a little better in the future.

I got this fortune from one of the lunch dates I had with my friends from the program, toward our last weeks of school. Seemed very fitting to end this post with how grateful I am to have had such amazing friends. I had a blast!! They all are so talented and I was able to learn so much from them. Remembering the AutoCAD shortcuts will fade, but I will always cherish all of the fun and laughter that we shared together. 

Getting To Know You Again...Pt. 1 Intro

April 14, 2014

Wow...a year can really creep up on you can't it? This time I am serious about starting this blog of mine again. Not convinced are we? Can't say that I blame you, but this time I will surprise you (hello scheduled posts for the rest of the week). This blog has been put on the back burner so many times over the past couple of years. From being completely consumed with design school, to graduation, to facing difficult times in the past several months I haven't had the time, or drive to give my all to this blog. I am a perfectionist at heart (thanks grandma), I knew that I had to wait till my mindset was right to give this blog a go again and I feel like that time is now. I have grown and matured so much as a person. I can't wait to share things that I have learned creatively, and life lessons I hope that can help others. 

What will this blog be about? Well there are still some fine-tuning to be done with that. I know for sure it will be an overall Lifestyle blog consisting of all the things I love, and hope that you love too. I am excited to show you my new interior design work while continuing to express my love of fashion and life. It will be fun friends, fun is what I do best! 

Stay Tuned

June 26, 2013

<insert crickets chirping here>
To say it has been a long time would be an understatement, so I will just say it has been a REALLY long time. So much has gone on since my last post, which may or may not have been a year ago. I am excited to say that I have changed and grown so much during my blog hiatus, and am finally in a place where I can get back to sharing my love of life, and design more regularly on this blog. Since this blog hasn't been touched in such a long time I figured it was in need of a serious deep cleaning/update, so the site will be under construction while I put my amateur graphic designer hat on and learn how to use html codes again. Oh the woes joys of teaching yourself how to design a blog. One small thing you may notice is that I have changed domains from, to (more on that later). 

I'm excited for this new chapter in my life, and can't wait to get reacquainted with you all, I've missed you so much! Thanks for sticking by me through all of this, and for all of the amazing support you have shown me, it means more than words can say. I hope to have the new site up and running within the next couple weeks, until then, wish me luck!

ps: Word on the street is that Google is getting rid of their Google Reader. If you would like to stay updated on what is going on here, or with me, you can receive updates from any of these outlets: