July 23, 2014

Just because it might be one of the smallest rooms in your house doesn't mean it should be neglected. The powder room is a great place to really add a 1-2 punch to your home's decor. Chances are that most of your guests will be using the powder room primarily, so lets make it special for them! Today's RECREATED does just that. It might be small but it's mighty guys:


I love how graphic it is, from the black subway tile to the simple vintage print. By keeping the walls and fixtures white it allows for the wood to pop as well as the tile wall behind the toilet and all that natural light is gorgeous. That isn't something you see in a powder room right?

While I was recreating this room I tried to keep it as close to the original as I could while still adding my own flair. All of the items that are listed are readily available and decently priced. Most of the items could be picked up at your local home improvement store this weekend! Here is what I came up with:

Source List:
5. Flooring Pattern
9. Stack of red books

So guys there  you have it. Don't skimp in your powder room give it the punch it deserves whether that be through black subway wall tile or a printed wallpaper, have fun! The powder room has a little light too and it just wants to let it shine....let it shine....let it shiiiiiine (sorry couldn't help myself ;) )!


July 21, 2014

If you want to survive a summer pregnancy guys here is what you need: an awesome loose fitting tee, a lightweight kimono, cutoffs, flat sandals, and a top knot. It makes for a cool and comfy recipe. On any given day you can find me in a variation of this outfit. Sometimes I throw on that pink robe that I talked about earlier...and nothing else ;). Just trying to beat the heat guys. No judgement here right? 


July 18, 2014

I have to admit one of the first things a thought about when I found out I was pregnant was, "what diaper bag am I going to use?" Vain as it might sound it's the truth! Before heading down this path of having a baby I didn't know there was such a world as designer diaper bags. I thought I was destined to use one of those creepy plastic ones they send you home with from the hospital (hashtag yikes ;) )! That just wouldn't do so the hunt was on and lucky for you I compiled all of my faves to save you the headache of surfing the web for days on end for the perfect bag, consider it pro-bono ;).

Source List:
8. Denise Diaper Bag (sold out)

I ultimately went with the Denise Diaper bag. My husband got it for me for Christmas and I can't wait to start using it! What I love about it is that it has clips on the inside of the bag for it to hang off the handlebars of a stroller. Which should come in handy! I know a lot of these could seem pricey but you should treat yo self...or go on ebay and find it for half the price ;). Either way you deserve it! You did 9-10 months hard time ;).


July 16, 2014

An easy way to incorporate color into your space is to keep your base neutral, like black and white base for instance. Having a solid base is a great take off point. It is easy to layer colors to create a well rounded space. Today's RECREATED does just that:

This space creates balance by letting the B&W base speak for itself by not layering too many colors on top of it. The subtle hits of aqua and gold lighten the space without it being too overpowering (also don't get me started on that light fixture...uhmazing)! If you were to leave the space entirely black and white it would still work but by adding the color I think adds another layer of design interest and personality to the space.
For this RECREATED I wanted to keep the design as close to the original as possible while still adding my own personal flair. All of these pieces are readily available and I tried to keep the pricing within reason (hashtag who isn't on a budget ;) ). Here is what I came up with:

Source List:

Some tips for creating a neutral space with accents would be to: 
1. Keep accent colors from 1-2 
2. Use accent color sparingly
3. If using 2 accent colors pick one cool and one warm (for instance in this RECREATED the space incorporates aqua and gold)
4. Have fun ;)
5. Skip all the heartache and just use this board I made for you.
5 1/2. Aaaand you're done ;)

Hope that this helps with those design dilemmas that you may have been having. If you have any questions or comments let me know. I'm always just an email away ;).


July 15, 2014

1// I am on a serious crochet kick right now call it nesting, call it wanting to be an old granny as soon as possible...I donno but this blanket is calling my name!
2// Pom-pom party invites...need I say more?
3// Love this tutorial on how to create an easy wave for short hair.
4// I feel like gingham is having another serious moment right now. This dress would be perfect!
5// This 13 bulb chandelier is so pretty, love the sputnik feel it has.

What are some things that you are loving lately?


July 10, 2014

I love colorful rooms but being able to exercise restraint in design is beautiful to me. Maybe that's because it is so out of the norm for my creative thinking. A big trend in interior design right now is pure white walls and trim. Keeping the walls a literal blank space opens up a lot of options design wise. You do have to choose your pieces carefully since their impact will be greater with the white walls.

I feel today's RECREATED does this so well:


With the walls being white the wood tones stand out more as well as the pops of color from the flowers. You know when it's done right simple really is the best way to go (that should probably be my new mantra instead of the current: more, More, MORE ;) ). 

Here is how I RECREATED this room. I tried my best to stick to the original design while still adding my own personal flair. All of the pieces that I chose are readily available and I tried my best to keep them decently priced. Check it out!

Source List:
7. Yellow Flowers
11. Poppies

Again some tips for creating a space with white walls is to choose your pieces wisely since they will stand out more to your eye. That also means that you should pick pieces you love since you will notice them more. A simple look can be achieved guys just use my new mantra: more, More, MORE ....Whoops! I mean less is/can be more (baby steps right)?

Palazzo Pants Are Heaven Sent

July 8, 2014

Palazzo Pants, Shirt, Sandals, Crochet Kimono (sold out) Similar, Similar, Hat (sold out) Similar, Similar, Earrings  

I am convinced that palazzo pants are heaven sent, a godsend if you will. I mean pregnancy aside
palazzo pants are pretty much glorified yoga pants. They are yoga pants that are socially acceptable to wear in public...!!! It does not get better than this guys. Now if we could figure out how to do the same for baby pink bathrobes I would never complain about being uncomfortable again. Well, maybe lets not go that far just yet I've got 10 more weeks to go with this bump ;).