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KSL Finds

June 18, 2014

I've said it once and I'll say it again, Utah is not the vintage mecca of the nation but every now and again there are some decent finds. You may need to use you imagination a little (which is always the best part for me). For today's post I have wrangled up some treasures for you and some tips on how I would reimagine them.

Source List:
~I know this might not be everyone's cup of tea but this would look amazing in an entryway. Throw a large piece of art or a mirror with lamps flanking each side and some pretty trinkets in the center and you have yourself a magazine worthy entry!
~This is either a bohemian dream or a damp bathroom smelling mess. I am going to lean on the positive side and say it's a bohemian dream for good measure ;). I would try and get this for $30 but since we have already decided its a dreamboat I would pay $40 for it. I would use it in a little corner anywhere in your home and house your fun trinkets and treasures.
~I would try and get this for an even $100 but I would pay the full amount for this. You can however tell that there has been some wear and tear on the piece. I would consider refinishing it in a nice wheat color which would be similar to the color shown. This would be perfect in a hallway with a large piece of art hanging above it and a lamp, or in a kid's room.
~I love this chair. I think the delicate arms are just so pretty. I know that the ad says it was just reupholstered but I would change it. That is just my opinion though! How about a black and white stripe? This chair would be easy enough to upholster yourself as well and would look perfect in an office/den.
~These seem a little steep for me at $50 each, I'd try to get them for $35. These would look great hanging over a kitchen island or in a little boys room above nightstands.
~I love the shape of these chairs and how they incorporate tufting and the cane sides. I would recommend having these upholstered. I am guessing that the labor for each chair would run you around $150 + fabric for each chair. Now that is a little pricey but I don't see this tip of chair going out of style anytime soon. 
~I love this light but it needs some help. I would spray it a fun color in a high gloss. Maybe in a pastel color like light blue? Pastels are making a comeback people. I would hang it in an entryway with a high ceiling.
~These mirrors have the prettiest shape. I would spray the frames either gold/brass, white, or shiney red and hang them above a double sink console in a master bath. How fun would that be? Way better than your generic full counter length mirrors right?
~Ok these might not be for you but they are so totally for me. I am bust obsessed and would love to add these to my collection. I love the brass detail around the base. I would try and get them for $10 total though. 
-$50 isn't that bad for each I would of course start at $35 and settle at $40 if they were willing. The nice thing about these chairs is that you could probably recover them yourself and save you some dough on upholstery costs. You could either upholster them in a light beige linen or a fun colored velvet, I am guessing you would need 1-1.5 yd(s) of fabric per chair.
~This light is new and has never been installed. What I like about it is that it is a three light light fixture so it would be perfect for a living room where you may need some good overhead lighting at times.
~These are overpriced I would try for around $70 ish for the pair. I just love the color and the cylindrical shade. They would look great as is on nightstands in a master bedroom.
~Now this is another one that could either be great or horrible, but is worth a look. I mean look at that plycraft back! The ottoman and the chair don't match so you could either just have the ottoman reupholstered in a black leather or vinyl or reupholster the whole thing! What about a teal linen? 
~This light is brand new in the box. It is going for $69 online so I would for sure try and talk them down to $50 plus that saves you shipping costs! I would think about getting another one and having them flank your bed. 

See what a little imagination can do? Well and of course a little money ;). 

A Lesson Learned From A Daddy Long Legs

June 15, 2011

{Sweater: Thrifted (Thrift Town), Under T: F21, Maxi Skirt: Target, Sandals: Plato's Closet}

I have a story for you guys today. I was on my way out to my night class in somewhat of a hurry. I was walking down the steps and there was a bunch of kids by my car. I thought to myself, "Oh great did they hit my car again with their scooter (they love to do that)." I was about to climb in when one of the boys asked me if this was my car (again thinking to myself you little hooligan if you so much as scratched my car you're going to get it). I of course said yes anticipating his reply, he went on to say, "Well a daddy long legs climbed underneath it...(ok cool?? I suppose??), and my friend he has killed 4 today already, but I haven't killed any because they are harmless really (I thought to myself, harmless my eye). I cut him off rather abruptly with a, "That's cool well see ya later". I got to thinking on my drive to class, that was really rude of me to 1). assume that he hit my car and 2). to not stop and chat with the little guy. I need to be better at not assuming the worst, and be more friendly with these little neighborhood hooligans...Perhaps they really aren't hooligans at all...But so help me if they scooter ram my car again ;). Who would've thought I would learn from something as disgusting as a daddy long legs spider...blick ;). Love, love friends.
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Budget Woes

June 14, 2011

{Blazer: Thrifted (Centerville DI), Lace Top: Thrifted (Layton Savers), Lace Skirt: Thrifted (Centerville DI), Shoes: TJ Maxx (Madden Girl)}

Hubby and I finally took the plunge...We are now on a budget...If I had to narrow down a concept that peeves me the most it would be: being a on budget. Hubby is beyond thrilled to say the least (I secretly think he has been hoping and praying for this day to come for years). See I have the type of personality that thinks a budget is confining, I mean hey I'm a couponer/thrifter/sale rack shopper, I do any and everything that I can to save money. The thought keeps crossing my mind, "Why do I have to be on a budget?" Hubby says this will make it so our money will work for us instead of us being a slave to our money. All I know is that I was a slave to the budget this past weekend when it wasn't "in the budget" for me to get a much needed cheeseburger ;) (love you boo). As you can see our opinions differ greatly, my mantra for the past week has been: marriage is about compromise...marriage is about compromise.
And so I turn to you friends, since you have never led me astray. Any of you out there feel this way? How do you all budget? Do you do the Dave Ramsey thing? The envelope thing? I need your tips friends, see I want to like the budget I really do, perhaps I am going about this the wrong way? Also perhaps I am just being immature...wouldn't be the first and probably won't be the last ;). But any and all tips/advice/comments would be of help guys! Help me love the budget...or at least be able to tolerate it ;). Love, love.

Lace | Everybody, Everywear

Meet Virginia Design

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I'm A Thriftaholic Directory

May 23, 2011

A Thriftaholic can be defined as: Someone who LOVES to shop at thrift stores, score amazing deals, and finds the beauty in things that once were.

Ana, and I have been thrift store enthusiasts for quite sometime and bonded over our love of thrifted treasure. We decided that our love of thrifting couldn't just be contained on our lil blogs and had to share it across the whole blogosphere. That is when, 'I'm a Thriftaholic' was born! This is a place where we can all meet new friends and bond over our love of thrifting.

So if you are a lover of thrifting any and everything, regardless if you are a novice or seasoned pro link on up! This really is a support group in reverse, see we don't want to kick our thrifting habits we want to embrace them and show them off! An most importantly have fun in the process!

Guidelines for signing up:
~Love to Thrift! That's simple enough right?
~Place one of the badges on your blog and wear it with pride!
Meet Virginia Design
Meet Virginia Design
Meet Virginia Design

Thrifting 101 {Cont.}

April 28, 2011

Guys Thrifting 101 was awesome, I am super glad it helped some of you guys out! I had some fabulous readers comment about some additional tips that I failed to mention, and thought I would pass them on to you guys!

Laura Lynn said: I would also add to take advantage of the thrift shop's sales - like the Sal Val's 50% off day and Goodwill's frequent shopper card. (The Goodwill even has a return policy.) And then just have FUN!

{Sooo sad that we have hardly any Goodwill's or Salvation Army's by me :(. But I do know that the store: Thrifttown by brickyard has sales ALL the time, and they offer coupons!!}
Sarah said: Another tip I have is to wear comfy clothes...for some reason it makes a huge difference for me. 

{Really I think this applies to life in general but that's just me ;). Being comfy is always a plus when your are digging for thrifted treasure!!}

Melissa said: Another thrifty tip is go outside of your "designated area". Look in boys, little girls, mens. You can usually find a gem may fit or that's miscategorized! 

{Ok I am just going to flat out say it: Melissa is my thrifting icon, LOVE her!! I have never thought of this before, I think it's totally genius! Thx girl!} 

Thanks so much for all your help guys! Have anymore tips that you think we have missed let me know. Good luck friends, and Happy Thrifting! Love, love.

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Thrifting 101

April 14, 2011

Since my blogger tips went so well, and hopefully helped a couple of you guys out I thought I would do some thrifting 101 tips. I get comments and emails from time to time from people who say they are scared to go thrifting. Lets face it, thrifting can be kind of intimidating I mean the stuff is used and you don't know what may be embedded in the fibers of all those miscellaneous items of clothing. So do not fear thrifting novices I am here to calm your nerves! Here are some guidelines that I like to follow while thrifting:

1. Have an open mind:
Have current trends in mind while you are thrifting. Since fashion is constantly recycling itself you can usually always find something that is older or considered vintage, that would be in style currently. Here are some examples of just that, that I have found thrifting recently:
I had to buy that coral pencil skirt because coral is so IN right now... so this is me attempting to be IN ;). Also florals, polka dots, and A-line dresses never go out of style I had to snag them right up when I saw them! I think the polka dot dress will be my Easter dress, and bonus it comes with a matching bolero that I can wear with other outfits!! So all in all I am able to stay,...well what I consider to be in style for super cheap! My total for all these beauties is $15.00!! You can barely get a shirt alone for $15.00 nowadays...(I feel really old after saying that..Blick...Just ignore that last sentence ;)).

2. Try On, Try On, And Then Try On Some More:
I have learned to try on everything that I may potentially like, while thrifting. You will never know when you find a gem or a hidden hole ;)!

3. Just Because It's Cheap Doesn't Mean You Should Buy It:
Make sure that you really think through your purchases. Are you going to wear it just once and throw it out? Or will it be a staple in your wardrobe? See when I first started thrifting I went hog wild because everything is so cheap. To this day I either haven't worn, or used those items I first bought and that's $ down the drain :(...Learn from my mistakes friends.

4. Take It When You See It:
If you see something that you like or something that will haunt you for days if you don't buy it, BUY IT!! More times than not it won't be there when you go back...and that is just sooo super sad when that happens. I've learned that lesson a number of times.

5. Make Sure Time Is On Your Side:
Make sure you have plenty of time to go through rack after rack and bin after bin. Thrifting is like digging for treasure it takes time but when you find gold it is, Oh so rewarding! Also I like to go a couple of times a week, since they are constantly replenishing their merchandise with new items, so there is always stuff to go through. Plus do you want someone else getting awesome stuff over you? Didn't think so ;).

There is a little bit of a learning curve to thrifting, hopefully some of these tips can be of help to you. Just beware it can become super addicting! I am beyond addicted...I think I need thrifters anonymous ;). Let me know if you have anymore questions friends! I am always happy to help. Love, lovezz.

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Thrifty Finds: Jewelry Holders & A Fab Mirror

January 20, 2011

I have found some super awesome stuff lately thrifting I had to show you guys!
 And not to mention those fruit pics I showed ya HERE!!

I love this fluted glass bowl, and super-sized goblet they were totally perf to hold some of my jewelry on my dresser.

This crazy mirror is going in our living room I am going to put some rub-n-buff on it to make it more of a soft gold instead of this crazy brass we got going on here.

I have something to confess...I'm a Thriftaholic!!

Serious I can't get enough of it, its like a treasure hunt, and I feel so accomplished when I find something totally fab-oo!

Ya see I used to be afraid of thrifting I mean it sort of gave me the creeps, wearing other peoples stuff and using other peeps decor it was weird! But then I took a couple trips there and found that it wasn't creepy after all and you can score some mah-jor dealz! 

So if you haven't ever been to a thrift store and are creeped out like I was, just give them a chance! You may just get completely hooked like me! Let me know if you finds some sweet stuff mmk!

Love, love.

Pretty In Peach?

January 18, 2011

This outfit makes me feel very feminine!
Maybe its the pinky nude cardi (I am SOOooO not a pink girl but I couldn't refuse this cardigan I found this past weekend at the Old Navy sale, it will be beyond perf for spring)!
This is what I wore to the Carl Bloch exhibit at the BYU Art Museum:

{Where}: The Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU and out with Besties.

{What}: Peach Cardi: Old Navy, $6.99 CLEARANCE!! Black and White Polka Dot Top: Old Navy, $5.99 CLEARANCE!! Cream Undershirt: Downeast, $2.50 (I used to work at a clearance center;))! Jeggings: Kohls, FREE after $10.00 coupon and gift card, regularly $29.99. Boots: Thrifted, $4.00! Knit Beret: Rue 21, ?? Clear Bauble Necklace: Kohls, ?? Black Patent Envelope Bag: Thrifted, $1.00

{Why}: First I had to show off the awesome stuff my mom and I got at this past weekend's Old Navy sale (40% off clearance, did anyone else go and score some sweet deals)?? This outfit was totally out of the norm for me, I usually like to wear jewel tone colors like mustards, plums, and army greens. Also like I said earlier I am so not a pink girl never have been and never will be, its the little football loving tomboy inside of me I suppose! But I had to have this cardigan, pinky nudes are always in for spring so this cardi will come in very handy!

I just need to say that you guys are sooo stinking sweet, thanks for all the advice and ideas for dealing with my horrible neighbors!! I am for sure trying them out so wish me good luck!

But I have a new EMERGENCY/URGENT MATTER going on right now!
My hubby works with several different companies doing consulting and developing and some of his projects are going to be in SWAG bags for this weekend's Sundance Festival (Super EXCITING)! But wait it gets better we were invited to go to one of the "Lounges" (where celebrities may be mingling!!) and I have no idea WHAT TO WEAR!!

Any suggestions PLEASE???

I have a couple things in mind but no for sures yet so any help would be totally awesome!

Thank you, Thank you in advance!

Love, love.

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A Botanical Art Need

January 12, 2011

I blame this obsession on Sarah from Sarah's House on HGTV (I am still totally and completely obsessed with that show, serious if I knew where she worked/lived I would force her into giving me a job...slightly stalkerish but I'm ok with it).
She used it during the "Farmhouse" season in the master bedroom:
 (Sorry it's the best pic I could find you can see a glimpse in the upper right hand corner).

I REALLY want NEED some for my living room!!

I found some super cute ones on etsy
Go ahead and take a gander:
  Whattya think???
Love right!!

Lucky for me I found two prints for my kitchen!
(Not quite sure if that's lucky or not since I need them for my living room but hey I'll take what I can get)!
I got them from Savers for $4.99 each which is really a little more than I wanted to pay but I had to have them! You know how it is ;)!

I am planning on painting the frames white, distressing them, and also covering the mats with a tan muslin and hanging them on either side of this picture that is above our table:

But the hunt continues for some awesome botanical art for our living room!
Seen any around a town let me know friends!
Hope you are having a great day!
Love, love.

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Outfit Tribute to: The Hulk

January 10, 2011

I must have been subconsciously thinking of The Hulk when I put this outfit together!!

Seriously I will let you be the judge!

{Where}: To Church on a lovely Sunday morn.

{What}: Purple Knit Turtleneck, Target $2.50 CLEARANCE! Black Pencil Skirt, Thrifted $4.00. Army Green Tights, Target FREE after CLEARANCE and COUPON!! Black Statement Necklace, Kohls $5.00 after $10.00 coupon. Black Platform Ankle Strap Heels, Ross $11.99 CLEARANCE!!

{Why}: I guess to prove my secret love for the Hulk?? Oh and to look fabulous in amazing heels that I wish I could wear around all day. I love these heels, for one they are sky high without looking hookerish, and two sorry I didn't get a close up pick they have really cute detailing that you would find on an oxford shoe around the toe and heel. 

Also are you sick of seeing this brick wall background??

Seriously its like the only background around my street that doesn't look like barf!

But I will succeed in giving you something better to look at mmk??

Love, love.

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Fancy Ketchup vs. Regular Ketchup??

January 5, 2011

For reals what is the difference between Fancy Ketchup and Regular Ketchup?

I did a little impromptu survey on Facebook to get this all settled
and here is the break-down:

A: Fancy Ketchup can only go on Fancy Fries

2: Fancy Ketchup is made from tomatoes that were dressed up in edible tuxedos and ball gowns before they were smashed down into Ketchup.

{Thanks friends!!}

Important: How was everyone's New Year's??

Well I hope!

Here is what I wore today:

{Where}: Running errands, Work, and Young Woman's Activity (I'm a Laurel's scary really ;)}

{What}: Black Polka Dotted Cream Top, Thrifted $2.00. Black Blazer, Kohls $5.00 after $10 coupon. Army Green Cargo Skinnies, Target almost FREE with coupon overage. Black Statement Necklace, Kohls $5.00 after $10 coupon. Black Patent Kitten Heels (Sadly not pictured) Kohls, FREE after CLEARANCE and $5 email coupon!!

{Why}: I am OBSESSED with these cargo skinnies, serious I would probably wear these everyday, they are soooo so so comfy which I am sorry skinny jeans ARE NOT COMFY well unless they cost $150 bucks and made from Egyptian Cotton. I prefer Jeggings (Jean+Leggings) they don't make me feel like I have stuffed sausages for legs. This top that I am wearing was actually super duper huge but then I altered it with some elastic in the sleeves and in the seams it is still flowy which I really like because I can drink as much soda as I please and no one will ever know ;)! I LOVE the print it is so 80's and the funny thing is it came with velcro shoulder pads that were HUUUUGE....gotta love the 80's ;).

What do you guys think? Like, Love, Really Love? Those are your only options ;). Hope you all have a great day thanks for stoppin!!

Love, love.

ps: Thank you honey for taking these fab pic's you are THE best, LOVE YOU!!

When I grow up....

December 30, 2010

{Where}: To Church on Sunday.

{What}: Royal Blue Blouse (LOoooove the color of this top!!), Thrifted $3.00. Camel Skirt, Thrifted $3.00. Cream Cardi, Target Almost free with coupons, Cream Sweater Tights, Target $2.00 CLEARANCE!! Brown Platform Heels, Thrifted $4.00.


So I know what you are thinking, yes I do live in Utah, no it isn't fall anymore, yes I am aware that my stomach is looking "poochy" (it was my least favorite time of the month, in my defense blahhh as if we don't have enough to worry about during "that" time, why not slap on an extra pound or two of water weight!!)

Soooo.....I'm caught! This pic was from a couple of months ago ;) still worthy of a blog post right??

I have great news! I got into the Interior Design program....but I also have some not so great news....I don't know if I want to go through with it....Yah see Fashion is my number one, it always has been I love putting outfits together, color combos have always come naturally to me (not to toot my own horn!). So I am in a little bit of a dilemma, do I pursue my passion of fashion (super cheesy...may have planned that..maybe I didn't:)! Or do try a new path that may provide as much fulfillment as fashion?? You know this would really be a lot more easier if someone out there would want to give me a job say in the great Wasatch Front of Utah....Anyone...?? Or do I follow through with schooling??

Yeah know this would be a lot easier if my plan of being a Broadway/Lead singer of a kick butt rock band/ Star had panned out....But C'est la vie ;).

I can't believe I have gone on this long and haven't asked how was everyone's holiday?? How selfish of me!!
Thanks for asking mine was lovely ;) we had the absolute best time and got totally spoiled rotten!!

Anyways I'm off to figure out the mysteries of the universe/my life ;).

Have fun! Love, love.

Weekend Wear Wednesday #8

October 12, 2010

Hey Guys!!

It's that time again!

First let me give you some background, I started Weekend Wear because I work from home during the week, hence what is the point of getting ready?? So on the weekends is when I get all dolled and wanted to share/brag about my awesome outfits ;) while also giving great tips!

Sorry guys again guys I don't have an actual picture of myself today my camera was MIA but then it resurfaced!!

Here is the gist of what I wore on Saturday for hottt date with hubby!!www8
Outfit Deetz:

~Army Green Skinny Cargo Pants: Target, Pretty much FREE with coupon overage! Coupon overage occurs when you have a coupon that is worth more money than the actually item therefor creating a surplus!!! YES!!!

~White Button Up: Kohls, FREE with $10 coupon they mailed to me! The top was actually on clearance for $8.50!! YESSS!!!

~Black Cardigan: Kmart, $2.99 CLEARANCE!!

~Patent Leopard Flats: Payless, $2.00 after coupon plus they were on CLEARANCE!!

~Patent Black Envelope Shoulder Bag: Thrifted, $1.00!!


~I get asked a lot where do I find coupons to find such awesome deals! Well I have a subscription to a newspaper that offers tons of coupons and ads to see what is going to be on sale. Also I follow a couple of awesome blogs: Hip 2 Save, and Totally Target.
These blogs pretty much do all the work for you all you have to do is read them and shop!! Easy enough right?? Couponing probably takes me about 2 hours max a week to do, and it saves us hundreds of dollars!! Love, love, love, love that! Have anymore questions about couponing or how I save money let me know I am more than happy to help!!

On to the fun!!

Feel free to link up whatever outfits you have whether they be past or present!!

Also they don't have to be what you wore this weekend at all!
Just any fun outfits you want to show off!!

I hate to do this but here are the little rules:

~Add a perma-link to a specific blog post, not your general address.

~Link back to the party from your post/blog, please ;).

~Have fun!!

Can't wait to see what you guys have come up with!! Love, love.

Weekend Wear Wednesday #3

September 8, 2010

Hey Guys!!

It's that time again!

First let me give you some background, I started Weekend Wear because I work from home during the week, hence what is the point of getting ready?? So on the weekends is when I get all dolled and wanted to share/brag about my awesome outfits ;) while also giving great tips!

Better late then never right....?

Here is what I wore this past Sunday to church:

Outfit Deetz:

~Gap White Denim Skirt: Thrifted, $4.00!!
~Vintage Floral Blouse: Thrifted, $3.00!!
~Patent Teal Heels: Thrifted, $4.00!!
~White Bauble Necklace: Kohls, $2.00 CLEARANCE!!
~Teal Braided Belt: Forever 21, $3.00!!
~Teal Bamboo Inlaid Nixon Watch: Gift
~Fakey Earrings: Kohls, $2.50 CLEARANCE!!


~I get comments a lot from lovely people who are sort of afraid to shop for clothing at thrift stores. BELIEVE ME I was the same way! It's something that you just need to get over though maybe take baby steps, perhaps buy something small like a belt and build on that! You can save so SO much money shopping at thrift stores, for instance I was at my local DI the other day when I happened on to seriously a MINT pair of Seven jeans for $6.00!! Sadly they did not come home with me because they were too big, I did however go home with a super cute khaki vest for $3.00! Just give it a whirl its fun digging for treasures at the thrift store!

On to the fun!!

Feel free to link up whatever outfits you have whether they be past or present!!

Also they don't have to be what you wore this weekend at all!
Just any fun outfits you want to show off!!

I hate to do this but here are the little rules:

~Add a permalink to a specific blog post, not your general address.

~Link back to the party from your post/blog, please ;).

~Have fun!!

Can't wait to see what you guys have come up with!! Love, love.