A Thriftaholic can be defined as: Someone who LOVES to shop at thrift stores, score amazing deals, and finds the beauty in things that once were.

Ana, and I have been thrift store enthusiasts for quite sometime and bonded over our love of thrifted treasure. We decided that our love of thrifting couldn't just be contained on our lil blogs and had to share it across the whole blogosphere. That is when, 'I'm a Thriftaholic' was born! This is a place where we can all meet new friends and bond over our love of thrifting.

So if you are a lover of thrifting any and everything, regardless if you are a novice or seasoned pro link on up! This really is a support group in reverse, see we don't want to kick our thrifting habits we want to embrace them and show them off! An most importantly have fun in the process!

Guidelines for signing up:
~Love to Thrift! That's simple enough right?
~Place one of the badges on your blog and wear it with pride!
Meet Virginia Design
Meet Virginia Design
Meet Virginia Design